have you using ipv6?

How To Use The Terredo IPv6 Tunnel..?

If you are using windows 7, IPv4 and IPv6 co-exist
Although more use IPv4.

Now here's how to setup that you use IPv6 exclusively.

1. right click on the Desktop (home screen), hold New > shortcut
Fill that column with "cmd.exe"/"cmd" press Next and Finish.
2. right click on cmd and select "Run as administrator".
 3. typing "netsh" and enter.
 4. typing "interface ipv6" and enter.
 5. typing "show interface" dan enter.
    Lihat koneksi mana yang kamu pakai dan harus "CONNECTED" tentunya.
    Karena koneksi ane memakai Wireless  dan dibagian Statenya Connected.
    Maka angka yang harus diingat adalah di bagian idx, dan idx ane adalah"11" 
6. chek used by typing "show teredo".
 7. sekarang ketik "add route ::/0 interface=X"  , X diganti dengan angka idx tadi. masukin angka idx ke dalam interface ya.
8. Sekarang chek lagi dengan mengetik "Show teredo".
8. close the cmd and reopen the same cmd but directly without administrator click run.

9. Type "ping-6 ipv6. google.com" and see if there are similarities (not Ipaddres) then it works.
                                           THANK YOU VERY MUCH

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