the fan of your computer to die??see the solution here.!

Tips on coping with a dead Laptop Fan. the laptop is not a rare or luxury goods, Laptop is a great choice for many computer users today. the ease and efficiency of his giving more convenience on the user. but not denied that resilience is not sejuat laptop/notebook PCS, this is because the shape is physically closer than a PC that has a much larger Space.

In the case of laptop/notebook will often in complaining about the temperature increase abnormal extent (very hot). Why?
This is a question that is actually very easy to answer.
to make a stable temperature in the computer system I the formation of serig air circulation inside the PC or laptop/notebook. If we look at the physical form of a PC, the tresebut object will be easier in the wake of a circulation. However different if we see the physical form of a Laptop/Notebook, with a series of more dense then it will be more difficult to form a free air circulation.

back to the original Material. dead laptop fan is often caused by a heat sensor not functioning on laptop/notebook due to heat conditions, whereas the hot conditions that occur on the laptop/notebook is often caused due to the blockage of the sewer, meaning if wind wind channels clogged, hot air will result in laptop/notebook, this condition will gradually cause overheat conditions (excess heat), heat is often damage the heat sensor on your laptop/notebook fan laptop/notebook so that dead end laptop/notebook often die suddenly.

How to overcome?

If fan laptop/notebook you've been not working properly, please try the following steps:

1. open chasing laptop/notebook part back so it looks fan laptop/notebook
2. watch your fan wiring, there is usually a 3 (red, black and yellow)
3. disconnect the red cable (+) and plug it into the USB 5volt Positive (you can connect it permanently) the fan will work fine

After the fan you can work longer, don't stop until you're here, please clean the wind channel of your laptop/notebook so that similar problems do not happen again, to do this you should loose cooling fan laptop/notebook, you can clean it with a soft brush Small with mini vacum Cleaner.

A Note For You. You need to remember the "taking care of it is much more difficult than buying".

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Computer clean up Tips speed up your computer by cleaning up Files in Windows

Speed up your computer by cleaning the files not needed in Windows it is very important for our computers. may all of us who have a computer or laptop, sure you have experienced performance problems on your computer is very slow, so many factors that affected it, such as the number of files that are not useful and are still within your windows system, I recommend clean useless files are for windows you are running normally.

All of these files can be deleted manually, by going to the menu or sub menu that provides options for deleting, or remove files directly through dental explorers. For example to delete Cookies in Firefox we enter into Options, then select the Privacy Tab, and then select the Remove Cookies.

How to delete like the above example obviously isn't practical, because we have to do it manually.

It's been a lot of tools for the purpose of deleting temporary files, cookies, history, cache, etc, as above, one of which is the free ATF-Cleaner.

This Tool seems to me very nice, easy to use and practical, executable file/running residence (standalone), then ATF Cleaner window will show up, then we can choose what we will file delete, with option: Windows Temp, temp Current user, All users temp, Cookies, Temporary internet files, History, Prefetch, Java cache, and the Recycle Bin, or if you want to delete all we just choose Select All. After the vote, we just click on the Empty button Selected.
tips from me to speed up your computer by removing useless files, the File Size is very small, under 50 KB, all for Windows can be downloaded here.

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you have trouble with your visitors?

For getting a lot of traffic, just call it 1,000,000 or hundreds of lah, it is not so difficult. I will describe to you here. Among them are:

* Expand the articles in your blog. You can prove it yourself. Blog-heavy blog traffic/visitors, because they've got an awful lot of articles, until you reach the above 300, 400, and 500 articles. Then perbanyaklah write articles, because the quantity is also important. If you can't produce a quality article could also be copy-paste. But do it all the copy-paste. Try posting to the sentence itself, don't slavishly cut-paste from another article.

Tips for blog posts that are true:
If you don't have an idea, then see someone else's article. Then arrange it yourself your own wording with the words let not-so-known jiplaknya and not as duplicate contents terdetect by Google. However don't forget if the idea comes from the articles of others then mentioned his link. Show that you are a blogger who know gratitude and dignity and want to specify the URL of the blog link.

* Get the alias often blogwalking (walk in to someone else's blog and leave a comment). Don't become a blogger if you want to have a lot of males visitors. Bloggers should often itinerant, said another blogger and comment that it stuck in her blog, do every day that this was possible. A lot of bloggers who trafiknya high had it not been for donations of Google or Yahoo, but because she's a diligent Blogwalking. Including you come here, it's walking blog name. Don't forget and remember Yes, berkomentarlah!

Quick Tips: make list blogwalking blog-blog you visit let me easily to visit again. Or you can use your blog link exchange box. Enter your list of friends-friends who frequent blog and blogwalking active to be able to reply to visit your blog.

* Submit to web directories. Here I provide a list of blog directories which process is very easy, and most of them straight to approve of our blog in just minutes. Here's the list:
Set the stage way ya list. For example, to submit in a day 3 or 5 directory. When to submit blog to select Directory FREE SUBMIT without RECIPROCAL. And if you have any other directory you can add in the comments field

* Submit blog to dofollow social bookmark. This is her address, and everything was proven to be able to boost blog traffic. Moreover, if able to write unique things, interesting, warm and others. A lot of bloggers and webmasters are using dofollow social bookmark to make the blog popular. This list is
and Indonesia: Dofollow Social Bookmark

Tips to submit blog to social bookmarks: Please submit to 12 social bookmark above for each article that you just publish. Can it help me? Benefits of course so that your new article into the Google index and get traffic. Imagine if your blog has 1 article 12 backlinks from Social Bookmarks, so if you have 100 articles on the blog then it already had 1200 backlink WOw. Superb khan?

* Build internal links. While writing the post, I recommend to build internal links. Internal link building links that point to your postings.
Benefits of internal links follow:
1. If your post has not yet been indexed or missing from Google, can be indexed again this way
2. and also the post Gets a free link.
3. Give the info to the reader that such posts exist.
4. make the Reader blog/pengunjung be interested in reading a lot longer.
Do the above tips as often as possible.

* Submit to article submission. My advice use services and because the process is super easy.

* Create dummi blog, if it can be as much as possible. Dummi blog is the blog fool whose job only give you backlinks to your main blog. And input your blog address there is also feednya.
* Frequent-often post topics of rame, warm and actual. As is the case of the 2012 Apocalypse yesterday or problems of Palestine and Israel War barbaric. This way is also an effective way to bring traffic blog.
* And if it had more money, buy/modal links buy Reviewmu and review or anywhere.
* Create a review for other bloggers and blog link when you call the write posts, to establish a friendship with him. So the next time you got a reply, let alone review the blog have berjibun visitors is very profitable.
* Be a blogger who is accommodating and friendly and be great as a place to ask.
* Learn to write well and communicative, because blogging is writing activities.
* Be a blogger who is sensitive to the social conditions, if there are any issues that occur either on the internet or in the real world, then head to comment on it or post but wisely and clever. It is great to attract the masses.
* Don't so bloggers who knowledgeably and sok good, if it turns out that you are knowledgeably then lowers the sense of trust that their visitors are reluctant to pay again.
* Make the ngeflame post, these tips aren't too I recommend but its quite potent for increasing traffic, a sample post ngeflame like some huge ruckus last month between a blogger Blogspot with a WordPress user. Its negative effects, your blog could be branded a fuss and resek.
* Submit also your blog to the social network, submit it to 2 social network that dofollow:
1. example:
2. (e.g.: squidoo)
Of the 16 above the most tips I recommend is to point 3:
1. Article Banyakin
2. Submit each article to social bookmarking
3. Blogwalking.

Hopefully after you use the technique above, your blog can be a lot of visitors, if you are able to do all that, then of course be faster up her rank in google search engine aka the better.Never thinking chestnut high if no effort.

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