the fan of your computer to die??see the solution here.!

Tips on coping with a dead Laptop Fan. the laptop is not a rare or luxury goods, Laptop is a great choice for many computer users today. the ease and efficiency of his giving more convenience on the user. but not denied that resilience is not sejuat laptop/notebook PCS, this is because the shape is physically closer than a PC that has a much larger Space.

In the case of laptop/notebook will often in complaining about the temperature increase abnormal extent (very hot). Why?
This is a question that is actually very easy to answer.
to make a stable temperature in the computer system I the formation of serig air circulation inside the PC or laptop/notebook. If we look at the physical form of a PC, the tresebut object will be easier in the wake of a circulation. However different if we see the physical form of a Laptop/Notebook, with a series of more dense then it will be more difficult to form a free air circulation.

back to the original Material. dead laptop fan is often caused by a heat sensor not functioning on laptop/notebook due to heat conditions, whereas the hot conditions that occur on the laptop/notebook is often caused due to the blockage of the sewer, meaning if wind wind channels clogged, hot air will result in laptop/notebook, this condition will gradually cause overheat conditions (excess heat), heat is often damage the heat sensor on your laptop/notebook fan laptop/notebook so that dead end laptop/notebook often die suddenly.

How to overcome?

If fan laptop/notebook you've been not working properly, please try the following steps:

1. open chasing laptop/notebook part back so it looks fan laptop/notebook
2. watch your fan wiring, there is usually a 3 (red, black and yellow)
3. disconnect the red cable (+) and plug it into the USB 5volt Positive (you can connect it permanently) the fan will work fine

After the fan you can work longer, don't stop until you're here, please clean the wind channel of your laptop/notebook so that similar problems do not happen again, to do this you should loose cooling fan laptop/notebook, you can clean it with a soft brush Small with mini vacum Cleaner.

A Note For You. You need to remember the "taking care of it is much more difficult than buying".

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