2 Tricks Back Up the Data in Google Docs

Cloud Computing is a web-based data storage service server that is increasingly evident lately. Internet giant google even had planned to release a Google Cloud Service that is currently in the stage of its development. However, now only the Google Cloud technology are already doing through the Google Docs service.
This article will discuss how to back up your data from Google Docs. Google Docs is a service office that started much in use because of its flexibility. When you are exposed to natural disasters that resulted in missing files from your hard drive, then the file on Google Docs will be Your Savior. But before that you should understand how to download.
There are two ways that are discussed, the first one is:
Backing Up data over Google Docs

1. log in to Your Google Docs account.
2. check the small box in the top of the list the title of the file to select all the files that exist.
3. then click the More > downloads.
4. then again click on the Convert button And Download. Continue by clicking the tab items. In this section    you will be able to set the file format converter, of the kind that exists. An example for this type of document, you can choose to use Microsoft Word or RTF format.
5. Google Docs aka begin to convert all the data you've got ZIP into shape.
6. Download and save the file to your hard disk, do you need it.
Backups using third-party applications
His pace is as follows:

1. Before download the application at www.code.google.com/p/gdocbackup and then install as normal and run.
2. click on the export tab format. Here there are some differences, in every type of document, you can choose to convert into some file types. Give a check mark in the Enable selection of multiple export and choose the file format you want.
3. then download and save the file on your hard disk.

Backing up with third-party applications indeed has its own uniqueness, where in the files to be downloaded You free to choose the type of files to be downloaded later.

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