How to Install Meta Description, Title tags, and Tag every article headings are Different?

Trik Mudah SEO memasang meta description, title tag, dan heading tag

Title tags, Heading tags and Meta Description should be different for each posting. This paper is an update of a previous article about putting title tags and meta description on the look of the old (blogspot). Regarding the old editors will soon be deactivated and the number of complaints that his troublesome, so let's learn how to put a title tag and meta description is more practical on the new look of blogspot. It's much easier.

To put a title tag, then make sure Title tags blog brothers like the following example:
<b:if cond='data:blog.homepageUrl == data:blog.url'>

To see the code title tag on your template, please do the following procedures:

1. go to menu TEMPLATES
2. click the EDIT button HTML
3. a pop-up will appear, please click the CONTINUE button
4. a box will appear containing basic HTML of your blog
5. use ctrl + f to search for the code <title>
6. Please check whether the code is between <title> and </title> on your blog is already the same as above?
7. If not, please remove all HTML code from <title> to </title>, and copy and paste the above code red as his successor.
8. click Save to save the changes you made
If it hasn't got a title tag? It's easy, just copy the code above and place it just below the code <head> after that save changes.
To make it easier to install the meta description on any blogspot posts follow the procedure below:
Membuat meta description aktif
example,we use website

1. go to SETTINGS menu
3. activate the option the META description TAG
4. enter a description at the column's sister Blog available
5. click Save changes
After you do the 5 easy steps above, please enter the menu NEW ENTRY or EDIT ENTRY to make a new article or editing an article long ago. To the right of the box to type will be incremented by one menu i.e. description search. Fill in the meta description of your article by clicking on the menu. The dropdown box will appear where you enter a meta description. Click Finish, and then you simply click PUBLISH or UPDATE at the top of the screen. (see the following figure)
 gunakan dekripsi penelusuran untuk menambah meta description pada tiap artikel

Adding heading tags on the article also now has been very easy. On the icon already exists article Editors choice of heading tags. Look at the following picture.
menambahkan heading tag
You simply choose the HEADING for SUBSECTION HEADINGS for H2, H3, and H4 HEADINGS for the MINOR. Thus we have easier entered into various headings in the article.

Thus to add Title tags, Meta Description, and tags for each post Heading has been very easy. So please familiarise add this meta description

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