Why Google Webmaster Tools more powerful and important?

Google Webmater Tools

When there's a friend inquiring about his SEO developments, or when I start working with clients to improve website SEO, questions and statements that often I was throwing the following points:

a. has done an analysis on Google Webmaster Tools?

b. How the development and analysis of website you have there?

c. give me access to Google Webmaster Tools for you to perform the analysis.

Google Webmaster Tools is the SEO website development resources are priceless, and ... is irreplaceable! Many people flocking using a variety of SEO tools that are free to paid, and tried a variety of features. So sometimes we underestimate the function of Google's webmaster tools so that skipped most of the existing features. None, in my opinion, that produces the data once, and as comprehensively as accurate as Google Webmaster Tools! Here's why:
1. accurate backlink Data that cannot be obtained from another source

For owners of websites listed in webmaster tools, Google provides complete information about backlinks, or links to the site in question. This very complete Backlink information, including the number of backlinks and number of pages linked to by other sites. In addition, Google also feature internal links, or internal links site, so we can know which pages are the most widely ditaut by our own site. For example: Ideally, the main page (homepage) is supposed to be the most widely ditaut.
2. keyword search query or Data that cannot be obtained from another source

You often see strange query keyword analytics or statistics on tool are you using? For example, in Google Analytics (free version) often encountered the term "not provided" or "not available", on WordPress Stats we find him as "encrypted_search", and other terms are again on the other analytics. This is not another because many browsers and mobile browsers that use the default Google secure search (https). This condition may also appear if the user keyword in search engines in Google account login. Of course it's good for the user. But for webmasters, there are many important keywords that cannot be traced. Be grateful for Google Webmaster Tools capable of displaying thousands of keyword query so that we can enrich the information: keyword most widely attended, the most accessed pages with certain keywords, as well as view the click through rate (CTR) of his in the search engines.
3. SEO Tools that cannot be obtained from another source

An awful lot of the SEO tools in the Google Webmaster tools that can be utilized. Certainly mention one by one will not resolve this discussion. From tools to test the validity of robots.txt, rich snippets tests, broken links, server errors, remove url or permalink from the index, fetching as Googlebot (take the contents of a web page and view its content as well as the Googlebot), checks the duplication of description or title/title of the page, and many more other SEO tools! Even you can export various data to be stored or to be used as advanced analysis data. I used to export data from Google Webmaster Tools for website development presentation to a client.
4. the critical problem Message is not provided by other services

Google sends out an important message whenever there's a critical permalasahan detected by Google, either issue a site inaccessible until the penalty because of spam messages. Almost 99% of the affected sites manually by Google penalty will get a special message, either through email or Webmaster Tools dashboard. If you don't have a Google Webmaster Tools account are verified, then you miss the variety of important information and notifications relating to the condition of your website.
5. no service seo tools free with service form as powerful as Google Webmaster Tools

It's pretty obvious that analysis services as well as other SEO tools, though free, is definitely limited and eventually led to the dollar would have to pay to be able to access the data or use of the equipment and services that are more specific. Not so with Google Webmaster Tools, all available absolutely free analysis tools, and aims to improve and enhance the performance of your website, both for the user, as well as Google itself.
I am in no way conjures an atmosphere of the "worship" of Google, especially Google Webmaster Tools. 5 points above is factual condition of SEO tools that are actually ideal, but sometimes overlooked. Other Webmaster Tools which I think arguably is nice also belongs to Bing. Although not as complete as Google 's, but Bing Webmaster Tools is an ideal tool to do an in-depth analysis, especially with regard to Bing and Yahoo search.

In several occasions ahead, I will share insight on the use of various features of Google Webmaster tools in terms of analysis, for example to analyze keyword density, links, the CTR website, and much more. All I will tell them gradually in the next few posts.

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