prevent your computer from getting viruses

Sometimes we have a laptop is often little regard for software maintenance, especially the laptop does need protection against software (software) and hardware.But that will be discussed here is the problem, because the software (software) software is already an important part that we wear or daily use.

The main problem of the us who have personal laptop is a problem on the security of operating system is safe from viruses or otherwise.Moreover, it made us use a laptop as a primary tool in solving a lot of our work is facing daily.For it is here I want to share a way so that the laptop isn't bervirus.

Below I give way or an attempt to make the laptop not bervirus:

1. Install at least 2 antivirus which is local and external viruses virus (try each virus antivirus mendukuung each other not to eat can be said or antivirus antivirusnya clashed each other.I personally use Eset Smart Security 4 and Smadav Pro 6.1.

2. after my friend had antivirus.The main recommendation is rajinlah update if your laptop is connected to the internet and regularly update antivirusnya strive to anticipate the development of malicious programs that develop when today, such as viruses, malware and more.

3. do not install software that isn't necessarily security installation, sometimes not even install the software program intruder PAL which PAL which PAL systems installed.Learn about the first software so that your laptop is secure from intruders or malware program that disisip them.

4. Do online scanning to more secure laptop buddy from antivirus.I myself use the Eset Online Scanner can search from Pal. google the type of scan can use PAL online for scanning files or data on the laptop's PAL.

5. Scan every Flash that goes into the laptop, do not open the Windows Explorer try to scan directly.But most antivirus provides automatic've now scans removable disks are plugged in to your laptop.So it is safer to use flashdisknya.

That's what PAL do to keep your laptop safe from virus, hopefully by reading the article so that it is not your laptop more loving and bervirus more merawar laptop is better so that it could be used for a long period.Thank you

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