5 easy ways to optimize your PC system

As the owner of a computer of course we wanted a computer that we use is always in optimum condition. But sometimes we don't care about the "health" of our computers, we use every day but we never care so that the day our computer is getting slow, unstable even frequent crashes.

In this article I'll share simple tips about the 5 easy steps to optimize your computer system in order to keep performance optimal.

1. clean the Windows Registry

To clean the registry of this fact we can do this manually by deleting the registry key that is not necessary, but surely this method is not efficient. For it how to clean the windows registry the easiest is to use the help of software as for example which I often pake IE Wise Registry Cleaner.

2. Update Hardware Drivers

Drivers that do not fit or are already obsolete (outdated) can cause a device can't communicate well with other computer system so that could be causing your computer to run slowly and unstable (often hang or crash). For that we need to constantly renew the drivers your computer by means of a mengupdatenya on a regular basis.

An easy way to update the drivers it needs is to use the help of software such as Driver updates with DriverEasy.

3. Wipe the hard disk from junk files.

Junk files like the rest of the installation, temporary internet files, history files, error logs and so on can slow down your computer's performance. Therefore always make the files this garbage on a regular basis. To clean these files I think it is enough to run a disk clean-up tool default windows.

To run a disk clean-up in windows 7, click the Start button, type: cleanup on the Search programs and files, and then select the hard drive to be cleaned.

4. Defrag hard drive

Do a defrag hard drive can optimize the computer system significantly. Therefore do defrag the hard drive on a regular basis or after performing data modification, such as installation programs and removing or adding a big file. To do a defrag hard drive we can do it with the default tool windows such as in the posting on how to defrag the hard drive in windows 7 or using the help of other software such as smartdefrag or defragler.

5. Clean your computer from Malware

Viruses, Spyware, Trojans are types of malware that can attack and damage to the computer system. Use Antivirus always updated to fortify your computer from any malicious programs. It's good we always keep the computer in a way to avoid the malware, but if your computer is already infected with a virus and other malware, use an application such as malwarebyte is to clean up the malware or download scan computer offline by using an antivirus rescue disk from a variety of vendors such as antivirus AVG Rescue Disk.

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