Tips how to choose a flashdisk

Tips on choosing a USB Pendrive this deliberately I wrote for mere sharing of experience in selecting a USB Pendrive would we buy. Just be advised of some of my experiences and some USB flash drive as RAM in buying temen, sometimes end up with a bad story, ranging from speed-write medium (copy of data) up to a slow Flash unreadable and corrupted Flash (dead-total) at all.

Some damage as Pendrive Pendrive which read 0 bytes, pendrive error and some other pendrive damage still can be fixed by using a software to repair pendrive. But data stored in it sometimes can not be saved. For it to be keen on picking USB Flashisk before deciding to buy it.
flash disk
flash disk

The following are some tips in choosing a USB Pendrive would we buy:

1. USB flash drive Brand

Specify the Flash brand whose primary purpose is related to the quality, standardization of products, software support, warranty and after-sales service of the pendrive. Many over the counter brand Flash available such as: ADATA, KINGSTON, TRANSCEND, HP, NEXUS, PENDRIVE, SANDISK, and many more.

To find brands that have a reputation of "good" in terms of quality and service, we can look for tau on the internet such as through forums, blogs and sites selling online, here we choose the most selling or much reviewed and recommended others. Then we're looking for the official website to have a look at the features and services available.

2. storage capacity

Regarding the capacity of peyimpanan this Pendrive I have stories from the experience of a friend. This time he bought a Flash online Flash with a capacity of 250 GB is priced at Rp 150.000,-which in my opinion is very cheap for a capacity of it, and I will in the liver can only say "Childr it seems fake and will not last long". True enough in just a matter of weeks, the Flash has since been stopped garbage.

From the story above, I just want to say that we must be wise in determining the capacity of the Flash shall we buy. As seen from its function as a medium of Exchange data, then the capacity of the Flash certainly does not need to be too big and in fact any Flash capacity could have been "cheated". Pendrive 2 GB size-4 GB in my opinion is enough to store temporary files.

3. the speed of data Transfer.

Data transfer speed is the speed that Flash to read data and store the data. A data read speed is usually higher than the speed of saving.

This data transfer speed will be decreased if using a USB cable or a USB hub. To check the data transfer rate of USB Flash application, we can use USB Flash Benchmark from

4. materials and form Casing for childr

In addition to factors of art matters in my opinion of the material and the shape of the casing is its design must be sturdy and able to protect the Flash from the collision when falling for example. I myself prefer Flash casing made from rubber.

5. Security Features

For those of you who want to save important data in Flash, it's good to choose a Flash Disk that has features such as hardware security encryption on USB Flash Disk Security NETAC and IronKey. But the price of flash disk of this type is quite expensive. To add encryption on flash disk temen-temen could use data protection software on the flash disk, use file encryption application TrueCrypt or use.

6. pay attention to the authenticity Factor Flash Disk

Things that we should pay attention to in choosing Flash next factor is the authenticity of the (original) from the flash disk itself. In order for the flash disk is that we buy pendrive original, it's good we buy flash disk from trusted stores and do not easily tempted by cheap prices on offer. Read more tips for choosing Flash falsu and the original can be viewed here.

So some simple tips how to select the flash disk. Hopefully it is useful.

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