Data protection on a USB Pendrive

There are many ways that we can do to prevent data-the data contained on a USB Pendrive is not accessible by others. Other than through file encryption on Flash as it has been described in a previous post, we can also use the program that serves as a data protection tools for USB Pendrive. One of the programs to protect data on a USB Pendrive I have ever used is the USB Flash Security ver 2.1.1.

1. This program is used to Download site or alternative download here
2. Do data backup in advance all of the USB Pendrive to the USB hard drive, because the Flash will be reformatted when the program is installed into Flash.
3. Install USB Flash Security program to the hard drive.
4. Run the program by clicking on Security USB Flash USB Flash Security icon on your desktop.
5. Flash input that will be protected, Flash will automatically be detected.
6. Select the USB flash drive as RAM Tab will be protected. Click the install button to start the process of installing the program on a Pendrive. All data on the USB flash drive will be deleted (see the image above)
7. Input the password to access the Pendrive. Caution do not forget them.
8. Click OK to perform the installation of USB Flash Security to Pendrive. Wait until it is finished.
9. When you are finished, on a USB Pendrive would file UsbEnter.
10. Run the .exe UsbEnter by clicking twice on the file.
11. Input a Password which we have previously set to turn on system protection on a USB Pendrive. A progress indicator appears, wait until it is finished.
12. In the windows explorer window we can enter into a USB Flash drive (for example, drive E:) and enter all the data we have into it.
13. Once that is done we can unplug our USB on the computer, by first updating the USB eject Flasdisk us in Windows Explorer.

Now USB Flasdisk we have successfully protected, so every time we will access the Flash we have to enter the password first.

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