How to create ISO image files in Windows 7

good evening all, I apologize for posting an that is not up to date, as due to busyness.
ok I will share a few tips for you yaiut how to create ISO image file of Windows 7.

In a note on the "how to install Windows 7 from USB Pendrive" use the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool, we need the installer files from the Windows 7 operating system in the form of ISO image file. Then how klo we only had windows 7 source in the form of pieces of DVD? Calm aja, in this occasion we will try to create a windows 7 ISO image file from the DVD Installer.

To create ISO image file from the Windows 7 DVD, we need the help of software such as ImgBurn. ImgBurn is a freeware application for burning CDs, DVDs, HD DVDs and Blu-ray. ImgBurn has several main features, namely:

Read-Create image file from disc
Build-Create an image file from files on your computer or network-or you can write the files directly to a disc
Write-Write an image file to a disc
Verify-Check a disc is 100% readable.
Discovery-Put your drive/media to the test!

To make ISO file from DVD Windows 7 this we will use the Read mode (create image file from disk). The following the steps:

1. Download first file ImgBurn here
2. To Install and run the program ImgBurn to window appears as below:

create image file from disk 

3. Click on the button Create image file from disc
4. Select the Source (DVD) and the Destination (the location and file name.The ISO will we make).

create image file from disk

5. Then click the button Read, to begin the process of creating the ISO file.
6. Wait until the process is complete and the notification window will appear "Operation Successfully Completed!"

Now we have a file (image.ISO DVD files) from Windows 7. In addition to making the Windows 7 installer from USB, ISO image file can also be used as a backup from the Windows 7 DVD we have.

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